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160576 images Time Lapse

#1 Bruce66
Hello there,

Hope everybody's doing fine.

New here... And in a bit of a pickle !

I recently did a 48 states road trip and shot all the trip with a Gopro at 1 image every 5 seconds in full resolution (each image is about 34Mb 4000x3000).
I'm ending up with 160576 images...
Do you know how I can make a time lapse out of it ?
I thought to do it with GoPro Studio software but a DP friend of mine told me it's gonna be impossible to convert all images.

Ultimately, I want to do a video projection in a loop of the all trip for an exhibition. And I want to be able to post it on the web as well...

let me know if you have any advice.

Thank you very much.


#2 gwegner
Hi Bruce,
LRTimelapse is a tool for artistic processing of time lapse sequences, mostly shot in raw - it's not just an image assembler and it would take too much time and memory to edit more then 160000 images with LRTimelapse.

What you could do is use just the LRTimelapse renderer. In oreder to do so, download a program for batch file renaming and rename those gopro images in the scheme LRT_xxxxx.jpg - where xxxxx is a subsequent number in the order you would like them to be rendered starting at 00001

Obviously you would need to do 2 folders - since the numbering only goes up to 99999.
Name each folder with a prefix of "LRT_"

Then go to file/render video in LRTimelapse and load the LRT_ folder, chose the render options and render.
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#3 Bruce66
Thank you !
I will try your solution.



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