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3 way exposure ramping with a Canon 70d

#1 chintal
I have a canon 70d , I just ready the article about 3 way ramping where you have mentioned some cameras don't open aperture while in live view. Canon 70d does open aperture and I want to shoot day to night .

My questions is should I use 3 way ramping and then Deflicker it in Lrtimelapse or should I stick with 2 way ramping and avoid flickering in the first place ?

Equipment used
1) Canon 70d
2) Qdslr over wifi with the auto holy grail method
3) LRtimelapse pro intervalometer

#2 gwegner
The 3-way ramping article is an older one. Today you can just ignore the aperture flicker issue, since the visual deflicker will smooth out every bit of flicker afterwards without losses.
With your setup, just use the camera in normal mode (not liveview) shoot the holy grail. You can even decide if you want to activate aperture ramping in the qDDB settings - just take care that changing the aperture while shooting, might visibly change the vignette, this can look weird.
Then just let LRTimelapse do the rest with Holy Grail Wizard and Visual Deflicker.
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