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8 month timelapse beginner needs help, Images for download!

#1 ulfsen32
Hey guys,
first post! I am Ulf, 14 from Denmark.

i started with my first timelapse and the idea of showing how a rape field nearby is growing over the year.
So i took an old phone (no money to buy a camera), put opencamera on it and let it shoot for 8 month every 5 minutes.
I had no idea what i was doing, so there are several "technical" flaws in the images what i can see now.

- the phone was not mounted 100% stable, so in high winds it moved.
- only jpg, dng not possible with my phone
- too many images?
- the lense was getting dirty/dusty in the end
- a lot of weather/light differences
- machines moving

i tryed to make the best out of it by only using images from 11:30 to 12:00 and convert to dng, apply deflicker afterwards, also i stabilised the footage in premiere.
but i am not to thrilled with the outcome:


a zip file with all the images (13gb) is included, feel free to download and play around Smile
would be nice if you would share the outcome, or share more advice on how to do it better.

thanks for your help Smile
#2 gwegner
I didn't download it - but since you already identified some many aspects, you could improve next time - why not go out, shoot another one, do it the best you can and then ask for further tips?
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#3 ulfsen32
Hey gwenger,
thanks for your response.
its hard because i have to wait a whole year to do that Big Grin

...also check out: