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A Day In Funes, Navarra, Spain

#1 JoseAlonsoLeon
This is my latest Time Lapse video in which I used LRTimeLapse 2 and its templates.

I added the LRTimeLapse logo in the scrolling credits but was not able to do it the way I would have liked, which would have been to have the logo scroll up with the text in its chosen location. I just could not find how to do that. So I just made it appear for a brief moment after the words LrTimeLapse.

I use Final Cut Pro X for my editing but am quite new at this, so if any one knows how to do that, I would be very grateful if you would let me know.

Thanks in advance.


A Day In Funes
#2 gwegner
Hi Jose, thank you very much for sharing! Nice sequences, coll locations and a well done editing. Keep up the good work!
And not to forget: thank you for the credits!
All the best
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