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A professional DIY slider

#1 Sheeba
German Version can be found here:

Hello Gunther, hello people,
after my extension of the Pro Timer to the Pro Timer MAX and my development of the TLSMC, I thought up a mechanically simple construction of a slider. 3D printed parts minimize the mechanical effort. The use of standard parts makes procurement easy. Attached you will find the building instructions and the STL files for the 3D printing parts.
For questions and suggestions just PM or email me.
Have fun with the build!
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.pdf   DIY_Slider_en.pdf (Size: 1.07 MB / Downloads: 22)
.zip   STL Files.zip (Size: 78.61 KB / Downloads: 4)
#2 yimiblu
Once again, Hans surprised me. You're working too much!

I have been inspecting all the documentation and files, and it seems very very generous to make this useful material available to all of us.

Personally I downloaded part of the files and modified them to my needs - with your permission, I hope! - and I hope to have the pieces printed soon.

Thank you very much, and I am sure that I speak on behalf of the entire community.

By the way, as a contribution to the other readers, I think the material I will choose for the pieces will be PLA 870 or ABS, but for the legs I think it would be interesting to use Flexigrip, something flexible but consistent.

I hope to show you my kit when it is finally completed, especially thanking Sheeba for his constant help.

Greetings to all! Smile
#3 Sheeba
It's not too much work, it's just fun.
Thank you Javi for your feedback.
It would be interesting to know what you have changed on the parts and what experience you have had with the filament.

Thanks, Hans
#4 yimiblu
Hi Hans, Hi forum!

This is my first modification of one of Sheeba's pieces:
- see attachment-

I used ABS plastic but:
The gap for the M6 ​​nut was too narrow for one side, on each rail end piece, so that the ABS has cracked a bit, although it can still work perfectly.

I used FLEXIGRIP for the feet. It's rubbery and non-slip in a way, but this material in its 3d printing forces to have a little more slack than ABS or PLA. Even so, the hexagonal head fits perfectly, and with a drop of glue it is easily fixed.

These are my improvements for now. The new piece has been extremely just, could change a mm its height on the belt, but as is, is by now admissible. If you consider it necessary, I will share it with the community Smile

On the other hand, I am thinking that this simple system of 'legs' is useful for more or less firm or regular surfaces. I'm thinking of some improvement that serves too for tripod at the same time.

Or some type of articulated foot, to allow, with longer M6 screws, to put more inclination between ends.



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