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#1 ademski
We spend 7 days in Abisko/Sweden end of November 2018 hoping to have at least some nights with clear sky and a nice Aurora. Unfortunately it was a week with very low activity and lots of clouds and snow. During the 3-4 h daylight the sun was never higher than 1° above the horizon – so (when it wasn’t snowing) there wasn’t much colour and contrast during daylight either. This is what I made of it…

#2 Dale Davis
I watched with fascination and fear, through the window of your driving through the snow storm with oncoming big trucks. Not for the timid!!! The time lapse sequences were beautiful, despite the intermittent clouds covering the night stars. Very dreamy and the music selection contributed to that. The time lapses were a bit prolonged, and in my own experience, my audiences (the non-photographers) would not stay for 4 minutes. I try to keep these videos at about 3 minutes. While watching those long sequences, I thought of myself standing our there at night in the bitter cold, getting frost bitten fingers trying to se up my slider and adjust the settings by headlamp. The non-photographers and non-timelapsers just don't appreciate it, but we all do. Good job.
#3 ademski
Hi Dale, I know it is a bit long but to be honest, I made it more for ourselves to remember the trip.
Everybody else has to endure it Smile

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