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? about workflow for View

#1 yostopia
Hi Gunther, hope you're well.

Got a ? for ya... just received my View and ran my first test.  Rendering now in LRT 4.7.5 and I can already see that there are big flickering issues. So time to figure out what I did wrong.

1)  The XMP files created by View didn't exactly match (i.e., there was no XMP for the very first frame, so once they were copied into the NEF directory, it read like this:


2)  When I imported the files into LRT, I got a date mismatch error (all of the XMP files were made "in the future").  I selected the defaults in LRT to fix this but I think this is my first mistake... the defaults didn't actually change the date.  What I got looked like this:

FILE00004.NEF   Today 7:42pm
FILE00004.XMP   Tomorrow 12:20am

3)  I then went through the Basic workflow and got this result... all that I really did in LRT was create Auto-transitions.  Was this incorrect?


It does look like a correct inverse curve.

But there are discontinuities in the luminance of the final rendered file.  Can you please tell me where I'm going wrong here?  

Note that I can't find a way to set a clock in the View so that the date/time stamps on the XMP files are correct.  ??

Here's the rendered result of that test. Note that the worst flashing is around 8-9 seconds in, when my wife decided to goof on the camera. Oy. Did that cause the flashing? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ak9b94tco89geg...t.mov?dl=0


#2 gwegner
You should definitely set correct date time in camera and in the view. It's important for the workflow.
Fixing it via the dialog in LRTimelapse is definitely recommended.
Apart from that, I'd just try the workflow again. Start with Metadata/initialize in LRTimelapse. Don't use the holy grail wizard, if you want to use the views compensations.
Another option would be to discard the view's compensations and try LRTimelapse's holy grail wizard instead.
There is always the possibility that the result is not completely smooth after this first step so make sure to use LRTimelapse's visual deflicker too smooth everything. Use one or more refine steps if necessary.

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