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Adobe Letter Threatening Litigation

#1 Dale Davis
I have been hearing some news about Adobe notifying subscription holders to Photoshop and Lightroom to delete all editions except last two editions or they will be subject to intellectual property infringement. Apparently there is also some litigation going on between Adobe and Dolby. On various forums, people are up in arms about the greed of Adobe in increasing prices of their photography plans by 100%. Everyone is now asking about alternatives to Adobe.

My timelapse flow depends 100% on Lightroom. What would be the replacement if I give up Adobe Lightroom? Here is a YouTube video to learn more about this
#2 gwegner
I don't give anything about rumors. Adobe is know for being awkward in customer communication. Old versions are still usable. They just ask client to upgrade to the latest of a series, for example 6.x.
And as long as the "alternatives" are as they are (I've tried them all) - they are not really alternatives. My suggetstion: let's stay relaxed, wait and see.
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#3 NightRail
I'm still using Lightroom 5, and I've never had a problem with any version of LRTimelapse.

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