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After Effect Rendering Problem

#1 mp.zone3photo
I am having some "banding" problems in a holy grail sequence. I figured it could be a Jpeg conversion problem (I have seen those in the past). I don't have the full version of LRT (sorry Gunther, I will get it when I can make money with it). So, I am trying to render the sequence in After Effect from the exported 16bit tiffs. Disclaimer, I am completely new to After Effects, but after loading my sequence in a composition and try to render the resulting movie is just one frame. I checked that the "green" slider that adjust the size of the sequence was covering the whole sequence. I actually made it shorter and longer and I AE still rendered just one frame. I am sure I am missing something silly, but google is not helping! Thanks a lot in advance.
Render problem
2018-03-22, 23:42
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