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Alternative Firmware: LRTimelapse Pro Timer free Version 1.03B + Manual

#1 Sheeba
Hello Gunther, hello people,
after feedback and own experience, the previous function "Auto Display off" after 20 seconds was annoyingly special, if one worked in bad light conditions. That's why I installed a screen in the Setup Menu, where you can set the Auto Display off Time in the range of 10-60 seconds and turn off the function. When switched off, the display backlight can be switched on and off at any time using the "Disp" key.

In addition, I made the following changes:
Changing the order of the screens in the setup menu. Screen "Start Interval" is now the first one:
The maximum adjustable Max Prefocustime has been extended to 1.5 sec. This time is also used in the function "Cam wake up". This was a feedback from a PT user with Sony camera
Delay Exposure in the mode Event Single Exposure is extended up to 400 msec
In the event TL running screen the Remaining Time is not displayed.

The software version 1.03B and a detailed manual I have attached.

I would be very happy about a feedback.

Best regards,
Attached Files

.pdf   LRTimelpase Pro Timer free 1.10 Manual_en.pdf (Size: 1.75 MB / Downloads: 32)
.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_Free_1_03B.zip (Size: 19.4 KB / Downloads: 17)

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