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Alternative hardware for the LRTimelapse Pro-Timer-Free / 2

#1 c_joerg

I would like to introduce an alternative hardware for the LRTimelapse Pro-Timer-Free / 2.

The big advantage of my solution is that you do not need a special case. Special sections omitted. Only a few holes are needed.

You can also put the whole in Plexiglas housing then it is even easier and is then better protected from the weather.

Essentially, the hardware consists of:
- Arduino Nano (4 €)
- IR remote control (2 €)
- IR receiver module (2 €)
- standard housing (4 €)
- 0.96inch OLED Display 128x64 (6 €)

These are all prices that I have paid in the German market.

Another advantage of the remote control I see in the programmability. Elaborate submenus are omitted and the numerical values can be entered directly.

You can also change parameters without touching the timer.

The OLED display (like the LRTimelapse Pro Timer 2) is available in different versions. In the 128x64 theoretically 7 lines can be represented. But the writing is too small for me then.

I was also surprised by the power consumption. I've always thought that between the Arduino UNO and NANO there is no difference:
Arduino UNO + LCD => 70mA
Arduino UNO + OLED => 51mA
Arduino NANO + OLED => 27mA
By using the Arduino NANO and the OLED display, I can expect a 2.5-fold battery life.

I have not yet implemented the software of the LRTimelapse Pro-Timer-Free on this hardware because I currently use the hardware in another project.

Greetings Joerg

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#2 c_joerg
If one connects as well as already the camera with a cable then one can take also the power supply from the HDMI haven. Then you do not need an extra battery.
Especially when use a Barebone Atmega 328 (8MHz version), the additional power consumption is almost non-existent.

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