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Another person here that LR 5.2.2 won't launch

#1 flaminbird
I have not done any timelapses in quite some time and needed to purchase the newest version as I had the 3.4.1 . I downloaded it last night and it wouldn't launch. I uninstalled the 3.4 and the 5.2.2 and installed the 5.2.2 again this morning and I still can't get it to launch. I've read the other posts about the issue but I'm not exactly sure about defining the file as an exception. While I know computers and not a novice I'm not an expert my any means so if anyone can be of assistance in fixing this issue I'd greatly appreciate it. I have windows 10.

#2 gwegner
Could you please try restarting the computer and then try launching LRT again?
If it still fails, please send me the log from Documents\LRTimelapse
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#3 flaminbird
Yes ....thanks! I wished I'd waiting to hear from you first. All is good now! Thank you!

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