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Any plans to develop and sell your Pro Timer as a finished product?

#1 Laurel Strohmeyer
Hi Gunther, I am just getting started shooting timelapse with my Nikon D850.  You had recommended the Pixel TC-25/DC2 however, it is difficult to find.  Now it seems you have developed something far better which is exciting, however, I question my technical abilities with regard to the build and assembly.  Any other suggestions for one I can purchase?  Will yours be available for purchase any time soon?  Thank you!
#2 vikas chander
I would be also very interested to buy a fully assembled and tested version of this intervalometer
#3 gwegner
@Laurel: it's called Pixel 252 - it's just a regular timer, nothing special.
@Vikas: unfortunately currently this is not possible - it's a DIY project...
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