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Arduino code for additional output driving my slider

#1 hein
Hi everyone,

since Gunther has released his fabulous timer I'm really forced to replace my old "steam-timer". (https://youtu.be/AO9q3J92xd0).

At Gunthers timer unfortunately there is no output foreseen, just simply move a slider after each shot of the camera.
Now I have the dream someone would like to provide the missing part of that code to implement it.

Digital output for the arduino board:
a adjustable time after each shot (by analog input)
b adjustable duration of the output (by analog input)

For somebody who know how to do it, i'ts easy, for somebody who doesn't (like me) i'ts hard.
In case of success I'd like to say thank you in advance.

#2 Sheeba
Hello Heinz,
I have just read your thread and thought I must answer you. Maybe your dream will come true !!
I have been involved with timelapse for a long time and have been intensively developing motion timelapse equipment. My first motor controller can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwPpeX5Mp4g&t=3s worked pretty well, but did not meet all conditions. So I modified this and wrote a special software for the Pro Timer (see here in the forum) https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-lrt...controller and that should be yours Request already very close. But!!! I do not want to recommend you to go this way. You would have software that meets your needs, but you would not benefit from the potential enhancements of Pro Timer software.
I have developed another version with DC motor (see picture an Circuit in the appendix), which is controlled by the Pro Timer via camera port. In this version, the camera port of the Pro Timer is connected to my controller. The camera is then controlled by the controller. After each triggering of the Pro timer, the controller activates the motor for an adjustable (potentiometer on top of the controller) time. It is also possible to control the slider manually in both directions and with adjustable speed. The software of the PT is standard and the PT can also be used for non motion timelapse.
This version already met my requirements more and I could take advantage of the PT.
I still have a controller from my development. If you are interested just write me an PM or Email!
But!! if you want something really accurate, you should use a stepper motor. So I ended up with the stepper motor. See my thread:
https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-tim...ion-fertig and my other threads on this topic, because you will find plenty of information. As I saw in your YouTube video, you are able to work on mechanics and build electronics. But here too I can offer you a stepper motor controller from my small series.
So now I hope that I could help you a bit to realize your dream. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
Greetings Hans
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