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#1 gmhatfield
Here is a time-lapse of a spectacular sunset near Tucson, AZ on 11/29/18. I started taking images a few minutes before sunset and continued for 25 minutes (Canon 6D, 40mm lens, AV mode, ISO400, f/11, 3-sec interval, 507 images). Processed with LRTimelapse and Lightroom, framerate 24fps.


Critical comments and/or suggestions welcome. Note that I used AV mode to give fairly uniform luminosity throughout the sequence. The exposure varied from 1/50sec to 0.6 seconds. This leads to a very uniform luminosity when imported into LRTimelapse. I then used LRTimelapse/Lightroom to progressively decrease the exposure for each keyframe. I did deflicker the time-lapse (perhaps too much), but this was not a problem.

Comments on using AV mode are especially welcome. I have tried adjusting the exposure manually, but that resulted in too much camera movement. I could use my laptop, but using AV seems to be so much easier.
#2 Dale Davis
Gorgeous work!Well done. I was not understanding the term "AV mode. " I am still using LRTimelapse 4. Is it part of LRT5?
#3 gmhatfield
AV mode is the setting on the camera which sets the aperture (in this case f/11) and then varies the exposure time to produce the "correct" exposure. It does what the "holy grail" methods does, which is to prevent the images from becoming too dark as the sky darkens. Gunther recommends against using AV mode since it can induce more flicker, but I have not seen that. Dale, I really like you Montana video!

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