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#1 Chrigu
This is my newest Northern light video from Norway (8 to 19. February 2013). This time around we were near Alta in Finnmark. There we had a cabin in Kviby from which we started our day trips. In those days we had a lot of aurora activity. It is always fascinating to see these dancing lights, even better if you can share it with someone you love.

The temperature wasn’t as cold then last year. Normally it was around -10°C (14F). Only for one shot it was -25°C (-13F) and again I had a frozen lens… like every year…

It was the first time that I used LRTimelapse for some of my shots and it was a great tool.

[Video: http://vimeo.com/62534688]

Music by
Jonathan Geer
He created it especially for this video.
#2 TheModScene
Very Nice.. I enjoyed it
#3 MJSfoto1956
beautiful and serene. so very well done.
#4 Bruno
extremely well done, music fits very well

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