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Auto Holy Grail not working with external intervalometer

#1 yelmarb
I've been testing Auto Holy Grail with qDslr's intervalometer and it ramps just fine. However, when I use an external intervalometer, plugged into the camera, Auto Holy Grail no longer ramps the exposure.

Exposure was 1s, interval times were 8s. 

I'm using a Macbook Pro, USB tethered to a Canon 5Dsr, everything set to manual, drive mode is on single and manual focus.

Has anyone had this issue?
#2 gwegner
Most likely your intervalometer blocks the camera. You can avoid this with the focus-hack, see: https://lrtimelapse.com/news/intervalometer-hack/
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#3 yelmarb
Thanks Gunther, unfortunately cutting the focus / green wire on a Canon TC80n3 stops the intervalometer from working. In lieu of a soldering iron, I'm going to stay with qDslr's intervalometer. Thanks again for your help.

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