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Auto Transitioning Issue

#1 jm001
Hi There,

Before I pose my question just want to say that I Love LRTL, been using it for a while now. Thanks for your hard work Gunther. 

Originally I built my sequence and created everything with LRTL4 but have just installed the update to 5, doesn't seem to affect the issue. I'm getting a drastic color flicker caused by the auto transition not calculating a smooth change in the white balance, in my sequence. 

From the attached image look at the white balance in keyframe 752, it is set to 5500 where I want it, however frames previous and after are both set in the range of 4400 and 4600, making the jumps to drastic and making this moment noticeable, this is not apparent anywhere else in the sequence. Is there a minimum keyframe distance that needs to be in place or something, as the keyframes before and after are somewhat close, usually LRTL does a great job at transitioning the values, but has seemed to not do such a good job here?

On another note if anyone has any tips to reduce the flicker as I'm also experiencing a bit of an issue with the flicker in my night sky, but I suppose will have to accept this as I shot in aperture priority mode, even though it was a clear night, perhaps someone has a tip to remove this, I've tried the deflicker which helps, but perhaps if I try spot selecting the night sky from the preview to read just the visual luminance from the sky it will help, although I hope it doesn't cause flicker in the other parts of the composition if I spot select a part of the sky, does anyone have any experience with using the deflicker based on drawing in the square on the preview image to change where it's reading the luminance curve?
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#2 gwegner
Check out the curves - sometimes, if the keyframes are too close, the transitions can "overdo". Mostly you can correct this with manual transitions (in the toolbar) for that specific tools (right click on the column headers to select only one column, select the rows between the keyframes and use the manual transitions.)

Selecting a reference area for deflicker often is a good idea. Just experience with it.
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