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Automatically apply multi-pass Deflicker when Visual Previews generation is finished

#1 frantsouzov
When I press «Visual Previews» button and previews are generated, «Visual Deflicker» button is inactive. For now I have to wait until Previews are ready (there is no sound on complete, so I have to look at screen every several minutes) and only then manually press «Deflicker» button. Sad

There is a possibility to generate VP in the background when you select another folder. It asks about adding VD, notifies about reference area (but in fact on that step you cannot modify reference if you forget to set it to specific part of a picture) and allows processing VD on the background. Here is the same situation, if I set reference point before and exactly know that after VP I need to apply VD on that settings, there is no need to stay near computer and look at the screen just to press one and the same button every time! Smile

Could you make it active so Visual Deflicker will be applied automatically after Previews are ready? Thanks a lot!

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