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baby growth time-lapse project

#1 samuelstonehill
[attachment=986][Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YQ-E8ts8A4]

I am a freelance time-lapse photographer/filmmaker and I met my partner on a bus in Thailand last year... and our little boy was born in the south of France a month ago.

My intention with this film is to update it once a year for the next twenty years.  I take daily pictures of our son and I take pictures of the things around us as we travel.  We will be on the road for many years so the film will serve as a visual travel log that documents Esteban’s growth and adventures.

You can follow our ongoing journey at www.movingtimelapse.com
#2 macronencer
Fascinating project. Good luck with it!

I bet this guy wishes his parents had done the same thing, so he didn't have to begin in the middle! Smile

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