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Big Sky Montana Video 2019

#1 Dale Davis

I am pleased to present my latest video, Big Sky Montana 2019. The film is 9:55 minutes. Please view when you have the time to sit back with your favorite drink, full screen, and sound.

This video is the result of 5 weeks of shooting, and uncounted hours of editing, probably over 7 full days in front of the Apple iMac.

Sources include the following;

Nikon D750 body with 28-300mm, f/3.5-5.6 lens
DJI Mavic Air UAV (drone)
Apple iPhone X xsMAX for both still(12MB) and 4Kvideo images
DJI Osmo Action Video camera

Timelapse sequences were shot with Nikon D750 either on a tripod or
with the aid of the Dynamic Precision slider and the Sapphire Pan-Tilt
Head. www.dynamicprecision.com

Timelapse sequences were processed with Gunther Wegner’s LR Timelapse 4 software.

Music source- www.musicbed.com

End titles- www.orange83.com

Thanks for watching!
#2 MartinA-P
Enjoyable combination of videos, timelapses and Stills.
Thank you.

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