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Black Forest bundle vs others....

#11 latsap
(2019-07-18, 21:24)Jarops Wrote: Actually, I did contacted BMF, and both guys are so helpful!!! WOW. I have not got any reply from DP yet. I will be in USA next week, so I will give them a phone call.
BMF also advised: I can use BFM provided motor, as long as I get so called Quick Mount adapter for the DP sled..... plug and play after this!!!! What service from BFM, very happy!
Hi Jarops.

I just found this thread. I move to the BFM controllers last year when they kickstarted it. It's awesome.

I have a spare DP sled and some rail sections of various length. (We needed 40 feet for a project) I don't need it all so could sell some if your interested.

Good luck. Both systems are great!


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