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Blend frames in After Effects - What to use?

#1 Olivia

I'm working on a long term construction timelapse. I've exported the TIFF sequence using LRTL/LR and imported this into After Effects.

I'm wanting to "blend" the frames so they flow together better. Much like the Motion Blur in LRTL exports. I've been hunting all over the internet but can't find the answer I'm after.

What is the best tool to blend the frames....I'm a little overwhelmed as to which is going to help me get the best results and thought I'd reach out to the community incase someone else has had experience with this.

I've read about CC Wide Time +3 -3. But I find this somewhat blurs the action too much and makes it quite muddy. I also tried it at +1 -1 which is a little better for some parts of the image.

Also Pixel Motion Blur.

As well as Frame Blending: Frame Mix and Pixel Motion

If anyone has any advice they could offer from their experience that would be greatly appreciated.
#2 chasg
Here's a good tutorial on three different ways to do this in AE. Hope it helps!


...also check out: