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Boating Lake, Sefton Park, Liverpool

#1 rodrigo
Dear Friends, here is a small time lapse I created to help you pass the winter and look forward to sunnier days, it the boating lake in Sefton Park, Liverpool.
It is composed of 778 CR3 converted to DNG_tiff, shot with the Canon EOS R, lens Tamron 17-35 @ 17mm, f11, 1/100, ISO200,

I have extended the sequence of the timelapse lapse by including another 2 sections of timelapse from around the lake; these two sections were shot whilst the Canon EOS R camera was mounted on a Feiyu AK4500 Gimbal. The second section comprises of 591 frames at 3" intervals with the Tamron lens set at 23mm and the third section comprises of 584 frames and the lens was set at 35mm.

I hope you like it and as per usual any comments suggestions are most welcome


kind regards,

#2 Dale Davis
very nice timelapse. The park looks so "British." What are CR3? Did you mean exposures?
#3 rodrigo
Hi Dale, thanks indeed it is. CR3 is the new raw format.
Swan lake
2019-06-25, 16:16
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