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Bulb ramping sunrise with RGB LED hue rotation.

#1 OddballGraphics
[Video: http://vimeo.com/47093204]

At night, my backyard is illuminated by an RGB LED light leaking from my studio on the first floor. The light takes approximately 57 seconds to rotate through all the colours in its spectrum. I set the canon 550D with Magic Lantern 2.3 to take 1 photo every minute with the bulb ramping option set to sunrise. The 3 second offset between the time the picture is taken and the rotation of the hue of the RGB LED makes it possible to have a smooth hue rotation made by a real light in synch with the timelapse. I should have kept the right side dark to enhance this effect even more. I used LRTimelapse 1.9.4 to defilckr.
#2 screamer
hipnotic and optical Smile i like it, a sort of animated light painting Smile

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