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Can AutoTransition in Holy Grail mode work with multy-paramaters?

#1 iviiecks
Only few parameters(Temp/Tint/Exposure/Highlights/Shadows) was modified in my frame.

I tiered to get a smooth Visual Lum by Visual Previews after AutoTransition. All the keyframes show peaks in the curve.

Is there any operation that were ignored by me?

Please help.
#2 gwegner
I guess there is a lot going wrong there.
Please reinitialize the sequence (Metadata/Initialize). Then start over. When applying the holy grail make sure to bring the curve to the horizontal middle with the rotate/stretch sliders. Use the latest version 5.0.2 of LRT5!

In Lightroom make sure to use the sync script to bring the settings from one keyframe to the next: http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-how-...ync-script

Make sure to not remove or add gradients when editing. Use only the ones created by LRT!

See this faq for more tips when editing:
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