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Can I help you to translate the LRTimelapse into zh_CN?

#1 taowang
Hi, Gunther Wegner,

LRTimelapse is a great time-lapse software, it helped me a lot during the post-processing. And it's popular in the time-lapse communities in China as well. However, not everyone in China understand English, it's quite hard for them to use LRTimelapse. Would you allow me to help you for the Chinese translation? What should I do?

Best Regards,
Tao Wang
#2 gwegner
Hi Tao, that's very kind of you.
It would certainly help some people that cannot speak english to use the software, but on the other hand it would bring up some new, serious challenges for me. I would not be able to respond to support queries for those people, Screenshots on chinese would be hard for me to understand and I don't know yet which technical challenges the chinese characters would mean for the development of LRTimelapse.
All of those uncertainties make me be rather hesitant about going that way.
Please give me somet time to think about it. Maybe I change my mind in the future, I will then come back to you!
In any case - thank you for your kind offer to help!
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