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Can someone explain how to use AEL (auto exposure lock)?

#1 lrtusername
I have had good luck using keyframes to adjust the exposure in LRTimelapse, but I am trying to get the shutter speed to adjust during the shoot. I noticed AEL was ON and the shutter speed was not changing from image to image. I turned AEL OFF and it appeared to change the shutter speed in the camera display from 1/4 to .3 seconds, but upon reviewing the finished images the shutter speed only changed from 1/5 to 1/6. 

If anyone can explain how to correctly use AEL and whether to use LO, MID, or HIGH tracking that would be great. Or is it better to use a locked shutter speed and just adjust the exposure in post processing like I have been doing? (The reason I want the shutter speed to increase is to get light trails at night)

PS. I am, using a Sony camera so the qdslrdashboard will not work unfortunately
#2 gwegner
I think your are on the wrong track. AEL has nothing to do with this and won't help you.
You should have the camera on M mode for the holy grail shooting, then either change the settings manually when needed, or use qDslrDashboard - it usually works with sony cameras! Just search the forum for some tips about that.
I'd recommend my ebook (see footer) to learn step by step how shooting the holy grail works, it's not explained in 2 sentences...
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