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Can't connect laptop to D750

#1 Novelectro
Just wondering if anyone might have any ideas. I also posted on the QDDB forum but thought this one might be active as well.

Trying to connect my D750 to my laptop. I downloaded the 64 bit version appropriately, ran the zadig application and replaced the win usb driver and when I attempt to run QDDB and find USB devices (I am connecting via my tethering cable), it finds nothing.

Not sure what else to do but maybe something very obvious?
#2 Novelectro
So quick update...

I downloaded and ran vcredist_x64 and then QDDB found the D750 and the app ran fine. However, once my session was over and I disconnected the cable and turned the camera off, I tried again a few minutes later and it didn't work. I then ran vcredist_x64 again, had to restart and ran QDDB and voila, it finds the D750.

Hopefully I won't have to go through that process every time I want to use the application - any idea why that is happening?
#3 gwegner
I have no experience with the USB connection, but I can tell you that connecting the laptop to the internal wifi of the D750 and running qDDB on the laptop works flawlessly for me.
The USB issue is something you would have to discuss directly with Zoltan, I fear.
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#4 hubaiz
You need to run the vcredist_x64 only once, it will install the Visual Studio C++ libraries.
For USB to work on Windows with qDslrDashboard you need to install the WinUSB driver for the camera by following the instructions here: https://dslrdashboard.info/windows-insta...sb-driver/

...also check out: