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can we use other routers rather than TL-MR3040? It's discontinued and price going up

#1 chasg
Hi All,

I went to buy a TP-LINK TL-MR3040, only to find that the price has spiked here in the UK (double, if not triple, everywhere I've looked, grr).

Can we perhaps use a different router? All we need is something that'll run OpenWRT, right? Lots of routers listed here. I've already successfully installed OpenWRT on one MR3040, I'm hoping it's as straightforward with other routers.

Any suggestions on an OpenWRT-compatible battery-powered router that is nice and small (like the MR3040)?


#2 gwegner
The 3020 works too easily, you can find a precompiled firmware on dslrdashboard.info. Other open wrt routers might work too, but you have to install the ddserver process on your own. I've never done it, do I cannot give you support for that.

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#3 chasg
Hi Gunther,

That's great info, thanks very much. Too bad the 3020 doesn't have its own battery, but at least you can still buy it at a reasonable price :-)

I have to admit the Hootoo HT-TM05 looks very attractive: I could use it to power the camera too, but I'm not sure I'd be successful flashing OpenWRT and then ddserver on to it (I've very little experience with this sort of thing).

Thanks, once again!

#4 Berdine
Dear Chasg,

The 3020 works great. During the set up process is one thing different compared with the 3040.
Please read my post here http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-as-1...0#pid30120

Kind regards
#5 chasg
Thanks great info, very much appreciated :-)

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