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Canon Error 70 on Canon 77D interrupts timelapse

#1 kamilkp

I use an external intervalometer - the unhacked Pixel TC-252 to shoot a 5s interval timelapse using qDD auto holy grail function. Somewhat after 200 shots my camera blocked with Error 70 which caused qDD to crash. The intervalometer kept sending the shutter signal but the camera was not responding. I had to take out the battery and put it in again and restart everything. I lost 2 mins of my timelapse which is disasterous.

Do you have any advice how to deal with those errors that block my camera?

I'm of course using the RAW+JPEG format and a 64 GB Sandisk Ultra microSD card with an SD adapter.
#2 gwegner
I have no idea why your camera has blocked, but if this happens (not normal) of course your timelapse might be ruined. Please contact Zoltan the author of qDslrDashboard via qdslrdashboard.info, if you think that that problem is qDDB related.
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