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Using Nikon D750 and recording raw and jpg to the same folder. When my first card is full the D750 automatically moves to the second card as the overflow, makes a new folder and continues without any problem.

When I get to LRTimelapse and use the app to copy the folder(s) from the first card to a new (raw only) file on the disc, what is the best workflow to physically remove card 1 from Mac OSX volumes folder, the to replace with a new card 2 and continue copy to my disc file so as to obtain one single disc file made of seqential images from card 1, then card 2  ??

At the moment I load from card 1 using LRT, then I shut down LRTimelapse, then eject card 1, replace with card2, make OK in Finder, the restart LRT to copy from card 2 to the disc folder made in step one.   This works of course, but I bet there is a better way ??
#2 gwegner
No need to shut down LRTimelapse. Just eject the first card, put the new one in, hit on the folder reload button (top right of any folder tree in LRT, the blue button with two arrows) and it will refresh to folder tree in order to reflect the change of the volume.
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I knew you would have already solved it !

I just could not find the solution, now 'Perfecto'  :-)


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