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choose how 16:9 crop applied to original footage

#1 chasg
Hi Gunther,

I have an idea about adding some flexibility when forcing output to 16:9.

I almost always edit full res, not in 16:9, and render both in the original dimensions and 16:9. To make sure I have just the right 16:9 crop, I crop in LR and render a separate sequence from LR.

It'd be a real time-saver if we could choose "Force output to 16:9" in LRT's render dialog, but choose exactly where that crop was going to be. The app could bring up a single image, we could drag the 16:9 box around until it was in a position we liked, and then render.


Crop in LRT
2012-11-14, 13:45
Last Post: gwegner

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