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Choosing a slider

#1 Madhaze
Hi , I'm looking at buying a slider system with 3 axis rotation and motor , I've looked at a couple of systems that could get the job done, the syrp genie with a couple of mini's and Dynamic perceptions stage one and sapphire panning head .

Is the Syrp genie as smooth as the dynamic perception system ,which looks to be the better of the two but more expensive! Plus , where could I buy something like the " Dynamic Perception Stage One Plus Slider NMX MOCO Controller Sapphire Pro Motorized Pan Tilt Head " in the UK . Is there a dealer in the UK ?

If you know of other options available similar to the systems above then great.

Thanks for any help. Smile
#2 KidsOfAllAges
Hi there,
we can sell to the UK, not sure if there is a local dealer at the moment.
The DP Stage One is, in my opinion, a solution that combines small packing dimensions, sturdy design and great flexibility in a pretty ideal way.
There is no other slider that I am aware of that can be packed so small yet it is extensible up to several meters if you can afford it.
I would suggest you get 2x20" for a start though.
The Sapphire is a decent pan and tilt head, very lighweight and rugged and the NMX controller is almost a standard item.
If you have the budget, have a look at the eMotimo Spectrum as this is a great pan/tilt and even mightier controller and it works with the S1 like a charm.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,


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