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Chromatic Aberation not saved

#1 richparry
LRT 2.0.3 on Windows 7 using the ACR workflow (I do not use LR).

LRT ignores Chromatic Aberation settings. This parameter helps remove the colored halo around stars.

I have adjusted the CA parameters in the 1 star images (beginning and end) of a sequence, but LRT does not copy the CA parameters to the images between the 1 star images.

Canon user: 5DM3, 5DM2, Rhino Slider (24" & 42"), Emotimo TB3. Use Adobe ACR and AE.
#2 gwegner
Hi Rich,
unfortunately you are right. I honestly don't know why I never noticed that Smile
I just added those parameters and they will be included in the next release of LRTimelapse.

Until then just synchronize the CA parameters as a last step in Bridge/Lightroom after saving the transitions and deflickering in LRTimelapse, that should get you going.

Thanks again for reporting!
All the best
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