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Color Temperature set in camera is not being preserved

#1 jxome
I noticed my white balance settings were off in Lightroom after dragging there from LRT. WB was listed in LR as 'custom' on my keyframes and while my first keyframe looked correct, each subsequent keyframe looked progressively worse. This was from RAW files on a Canon 5D3 using LRT 4.7.1. I was able to select 'as shot' for the WB in Lightroom for each keyframe and continue on, but it was confusing. I'd be happy to send screenshots or logs if you'd like.
#2 gwegner
This has always been like that. LRTimelapse cannot decode the WB from each camera, that's why it always sets a fixed default.
It's up to you to set the right white balance when editing the keyframes (if you really want to, you can set them to "As Shot" too, but mostly setting them manually makes more sense.
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#3 jxome
Is it normal for Lightroom to show an increasing yellow hue when my original photos look blue/purple?

Here is what I am doing:

-did not use LRTimelapse importer
-clicked on visual workflow tab
-clicked on the folder that contains my photos and waited for the lum preview to finish
-clicked keyframe wizard (default keyframes suggested was 2)
-clicked save
-dragged images to lightroom (in Library, Add selected)
-clicked import
-lightroom imports photos and they originally look correct.  As lightroom builds previews, the images start taking on an increasingly yellow hue.  Screen shot (attached) shows previews mid-build.  The last image (lower right) is showing correct color, but by the time the preview build is finished it will have the yellow hue like the first half of the images.

Is this normal?

Windows 10 64-bit

LRTimelapse 4.7.1
Lightroom 6.6
Java 8 update 101 (64 bit)
Canon 5D3
Attached Files
#4 Depiqd

I found that I drag the images to Lightroom and then they all go pink. WB showing as 'Custom'. I amend the WB as part of the editing keyframe process and then save metadata to the keyframes and go back to LRT. In LRT, I reload the metadata and all the images are pink again when I get to the visual previews? I thought this might just be an issue in LRT but when I finish in LRT and go back to LR to read the metadata for all the images they all go pink again? Why is this happening?

Thank you.

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