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Control cameras without remote trigger input with the LRT Pro Timer Free!!

#1 Sheeba
Owners of cameras without remote trigger input such as Canon EOS M or Powershot models cannot use the LRT Pro Timer Free to record TL sequences.
Here is a possibility presented, with which it still works. Since at least some of these cameras can be triggered via IR Remote (Canon RC-6), it was natural to use exactly this function.

For this, I implemented in the firmware version 1.11T (Test) a function, which executes the IR protocol of the RC-6 at the Camera Port 2. All you have to do is solder an IR diode and a resistor to a correspondingly long cable.
Details can be found in the attached PDF.

I tested the function with the Canon cameras 650D, 7D MKII and 5D MKII and it worked without problems.

The firmware can be easily extended for other cameras like Nikon etc .. All you need to do is to know the timing protocol of each IR remote control.

I have deliberately declared this version as a test version, as it is only interesting for a limited user circle and has to be tested intensively!!

I am happy to answer questions and am pleased about suggestions and feedback!

Firmware 1.11T and a detailed description are attached.

Best regards,
Attached Files

.pdf   LRT Pro Timer Canon RC-6 IR_en.pdf (Size: 359.51 KB / Downloads: 11)
.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_Free_1_11T.zip (Size: 19.97 KB / Downloads: 2)
#2 yimiblu
bravo! Big Grin que buen trabajo haces Hans ^_^ Good work!!

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