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controlling light and camera simultaneously

#1 fotodo
dear all,
for al labo timelapse situation with rather long intervals (30min) in complete darkness, where the light should be also controlled by the LRT Pro Timer
i would a need second output on the LRT Pro Timer which switches my lights (via relay) on before the camera is fired.
lets say 1 sec before the cam shoots, the lights go on,and stay on for 3 sec.
i am not into sketch editing / arduino programming.
can anyone help?

Thank you
#2 Sheeba
Hello Dom,

That sounds very interesting. What's a labo timelapse?
For what is the light needed in absolute darkness at the beginning of the exposure?
I can implement you the extension into the Arduino software.
But I need some more information from you.
If you set an interval of 30 minutes, how long is the exposure time?
Is it possible to do this in such a way that the lamp is turned on first and then the exposure starts after one second and the lamp is switched off after a total of 4 seconds?
If I implement that, I would put that into my Pro Timer free ext version 1.12. Condition is that you test this version and give a feedback.

Greetings Hans
#3 fotodo
hello sheeba / Hans
a labo timelapse is a timelapseshooting in a laboratory where a have to observe and shoot plants in darkness und special conditions.
it would be great if you could implement : switching on output 1 on the lrt for lets say 4 seconds,
after 1 second, output 1 is on, the camera gets fired by output2.
this means simply that the camera shoots while the lights are on for the 4 seconds interval
every 30minutes the procedures repeats.
i woldbe glad to test and give you feedback
Cheers Dominik
#4 Sheeba
Hello Dominik
I have one more question: If I understand correctly, the light and the camera will be turned on every 30 minutes for 4 seconds. That would be an interval of 30 min. How do you set 30 min interval? (Max interval = 999 sec)?
Greetings Hans
#5 fotodo
Hello Hans,
i missed that point in the menu of the timer.
max interval of 999 seconds is ok of course. :-)
#6 Sheeba
Hello Dominik,

I have finished your version for you!
In the menu "Setup" is a screen "Light on Time" in which you set the time in the range 0.5 - 8 sec how long the lamp should be turned on.
1 sec after the lamp has been switched on, the camera is triggered.
In the mode Timelapse (Std), the camera is only triggered for 0.1 sec. Since you have to adjust the exposure time in the camera (Mode M).
In the mode TL Bulb (Astro) you can set the Exposure Time with the Pro Timer and the camera has to be operated in the Bulb Mode.

Timing and Circuit can be found in the attached PDF.

If you want to change the times, you can find the places to change in the source code here:

Line 105:
const float min_DCT = 0.5; // min light on Time in sec
const float max_DCT = 8.0; // max light on time in sec

If you want to change the delay between Light on and Camera release (1 sec) then you can do that here:

Line 1836:
digitalWrite (Lamp, HIGH); // switch light on
delay (1000); // delay in msec

I hope you can handle that and would be happy to see a timelapse video from you.

Greetings Hans
Attached Files

.zip   LRTimelapse_Pro_Timer_SMC_Free_EXT_Dom.zip (Size: 16.44 KB / Downloads: 5)
.pdf   Light.pdf (Size: 171.66 KB / Downloads: 32)
#7 fotodo
hello Hans
this is fantastic work of yours
not tested yet, but will do soon
Thank you very much !
#8 Sheeba
Hello Dominik, how far are you with your lobo timelapse project.
I've gotten a similar request as yours and implemented that in my standard Pro Timer Code. This allows you to set interval times up to 1 hour. See my thread: https://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-lrt...-to-1-hour for more details. Looking forward to yours from you.
Regards, Hans
#9 ramigrafx
Hi Hans and Dominik,
Looking at this very interesting application gives me the opportunity of suggesting an alternative solution. I have built up over the years a system of triggering my camera and flash for taking photographs of water drops colliding. Within the triggering system I utilise a delay unit to delay the release of the shutter to the appropriate time after the waterdrop has been released. This method can be used in this system whereby the signal from the Timer Pro is divided, if there is only one output to camera. One signal goes to the lights which have their own timer for the period they are on and the other goes to the delay unit which will delay the signal going to the camera. If you find this interesting I can give you more information.
#10 Sheeba
Hi Dominik,
It's been quite a while since I released the special version of the PT software. How far is your project now? I got another request for a project like yours. After that I have implemented interval times up to 60 minutes and also a 2nd camera port. This is all implemented in the standard version, so you can use it for your project. Watch this thread in the forum!
I would be happy to hear from you.
Greetings Hans

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