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controlling light and camera simultaneously

#1 fotodo
dear all,
for al labo timelapse situation with rather long intervals (30min) in complete darkness, where the light should be also controlled by the LRT Pro Timer
i would a need second output on the LRT Pro Timer which switches my lights (via relay) on before the camera is fired.
lets say 1 sec before the cam shoots, the lights go on,and stay on for 3 sec.
i am not into sketch editing / arduino programming.
can anyone help?

Thank you
#2 Sheeba
Hello Dom,

That sounds very interesting. What's a labo timelapse?
For what is the light needed in absolute darkness at the beginning of the exposure?
I can implement you the extension into the Arduino software.
But I need some more information from you.
If you set an interval of 30 minutes, how long is the exposure time?
Is it possible to do this in such a way that the lamp is turned on first and then the exposure starts after one second and the lamp is switched off after a total of 4 seconds?
If I implement that, I would put that into my Pro Timer free ext version 1.12. Condition is that you test this version and give a feedback.

Greetings Hans
#3 fotodo
hello sheeba / Hans
a labo timelapse is a timelapseshooting in a laboratory where a have to observe and shoot plants in darkness und special conditions.
it would be great if you could implement : switching on output 1 on the lrt for lets say 4 seconds,
after 1 second, output 1 is on, the camera gets fired by output2.
this means simply that the camera shoots while the lights are on for the 4 seconds interval
every 30minutes the procedures repeats.
i woldbe glad to test and give you feedback
Cheers Dominik
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