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Convert to DNG creating JPG's

#1 erikhill
Hello, I'm on LRTimelapse 3.4.1 Pro on a Mac, OS X 10.10.2.

I'm using the Importer to import JPG's from a GoPro time lapse and am checking the 'Convert to DNG' box but the images are still importing as JPG's.

I downloaded and installed Adobe DNG Converter. It lives here and this is the path in the external tools tab under preferences - /Applications/Adobe DNG Converter.app.

Please see attachments for images of my setup for LRTimelapse, where Adobe DNG Converter lives and my settings for Import in LRTimelapse.



#2 erikhill
I think I figured it out.. I don't think Adobe DNG Converter allows the conversion of JPG's to DNG's. After further research I've also discovered there's really no benefit converting a JPG to DNG. Converting to DNG is mainly used for converting a raw file to a DNG file, ie. CR2, NEF, etc.
#3 gwegner
Since a long time I'm trying to get Adobe to enable JPG conversion in DNG converter. It would be very useful. You can support this request by voting here:

Thank you!
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