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Corrupted timelapse frame while input photo sequence OK

#1 mandritoiu
Hi Gunther

I have a very annoying issue leading to a strange flicker, created by a corrupted frame in the middle of my timelapse.
The corrupted frame had the bottom part "borrowed" from a different photo.
See the attached grab.

I tried with numerous settings and formats, to no avail. Same glitch happened systematically on the same place.
The only solution I found is to delete the source photo of that broken frame (which btw was perfectly fine, see the second screenshot), and to render again the whole timelapse, made with one less frame. Not ideal, but it worked.

Nevertheless, I would like to understand what is causing that annoying glitch and if there is a way to fix it and avoid it in the future.

Please let me know what additional information you need to troubleshoot this problem.

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#2 gwegner
So either the source photo is broken, then you have to delete it or somehow the preview got broken (which would also indicate a broken source photo).
What you could do to be certain about that it's not the preview is to force to redo the previews by hitting Shift F5 for the camera previews (if visual previews is not activated). For the visual previews you can force a refresh via Shift+Save.
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