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#1 Novelectro
Hi Gunther,

Sorry I'm not sure where else to post this question so hopefully I'm in the most relevant spot.

Any response from Nikon regarding your letter? 

I noticed that the D850 is rumored to have an xqd card and an sd card.  Will the speed of xqd solve the dark time issue?  Or is it more complex than That?

I have a d750 but I've been considering switching brands to canon or sony which don't have this dark time problem.  I realize there are workarounds like cutting wires in the intervalometer but I also have a general curiosity about Sony too.
#2 gwegner
What I heard is that Nikon is discussing those points. But we shouldn't expect them to change anything in a matter of days. Let's wait what happens, when the D850 is available.
I don't think that the speed of the card has anything to do with the dark times. It just wouldn't make sense, since on the same camera and card you can shoot with fractions of those darktimes when using an external intervalometer.

An regarding switching brands: I'd not do that easily. Trust me - other brands have other problems. Especially in the time lapse area.
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