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Defilicker help

#1 Mike M
Hey guys

I'm after a bit of help or someone point out where I'm going wrong.

First please look at this - https://www.instagram.com/p/Bzqg7htHo3n/
Its quite obvious that I'm having trouble removing the flicker from the Milky Way clip, the problem happens when two ships with very bright lights move across the screen.
I've tried deflickering several different areas but nothing has worked, in the end for this clip I selected a small area in the top right well away from the brightness of the ships but this still hasnt helped!?

Appreciate any advice
#2 gwegner
That's not regular brightness flicker, that's contrast flicker, that some context sensitive tools in Lightroom introduce, like whites, blacks, clarity, dehaze. Such high contrast sequences are hard to edit, especially, when the contrast changes.
Try reducing the usage of those tools, go for the tonecurve instead and see if that helps.
Also if you use deflicker, make sure to set a reference to an area that is not affected by the ships at all!
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