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Deflicker - detection smaller part of photo

#1 jindraku
Hello, I am trying to do night timelapse of highway (moving cars), shutter 2 seconds, taking photo every 2 seconds. I am using electronic shutter and I still have exposure flickering problem (a little bit). When I used Visual Deflicker tool, it is even worse, because if a car is in far, the bottom part of photo is dark (no car lights) and after few seconds same car is in frontground and bottom part of photo is brighter (strong car lights and road reflections)... Visual Deflicker taking avarage of whole photo and in this case it is not good way to use that. Is there any way to "detect" flickering only in selected part of photo? (I would use sky only). Thank you wery much! Smile
#2 gwegner
Yes, you can set a reference area for deflicker by clicking and dragging in the preview. I've explained that in my deflicker tutorial see: https://lrtimelapse.com/tutorial/
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#3 jindraku
Thank you su much!! I'm sorry for that question, I was googling and watching different tutorials. Now I know Smile

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