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Deflicker without having to wait for visual preview

#1 Malte KH
Quick question: Is it possible to "blindly" deflicker, in the sense that I will apply a given deflicker amount, save, and close down LRtimelapse 4 before the visual preview is reloaded and still have the deflicker amount applied? This would save me a large chunk of time as the set up I currently own has low-to-none amounts of deflicker present and waiting for the reloaded visual preview is quite tedious. Notice I am not refering to refining deflicker – I am aware that you have to wait for the visual preview to refine it.

Thank you!
#2 gwegner
Yes, of course. Once you've applied deflicker, yon don't need to wait for the Visual Previews to be renewed. Just turn off visual preview generation, go to Lightroom, load Metadata and export.
Please note that in LRT5, you'll have many more option for batch processing - wit LRT5 Pro you'll be able to right click on a folder and deflicker a sequence in background, even without having to wait for the initial visual preview creation. I suggest, you have a look at the "Speed up editing of multiple timelapse sequences" Tutorial on https://lrtimelapse.com/tutorial/
Currently you can still get a discounted upgrade to LRT4: https://lrtimelapse.com/upgrade/
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