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Dismantling a Crane

#1 rodrigo
I recently had the chance of timelapsing a crane been dismantled, this crane was erected a year and a half ago. I used 2 cameras a Canon R for the main film and a Canon 5D MK IV for the inset.
The Canon R with a Tamron 17-35 @ 23mm was set at f/11, ISO 100 and took 9734 shots.
The Canon 5D MK IV with a Sigma 100-400 F5-6.3 @ 100mm was set at f/11, ISO 100and took 3756 shots.
Though the 2 intervalometers were set at 3" each the one with the MK IV ended up at5" and the R at 3, hence the discrepancy on the movement.


I hope you enjoy it, any comments are most welcome,

#2 Dale Davis
Here are my random thoughts.

That was an amazing sequence! It was a bit disconcerting that they were not in synchrony due to the fact that the intervals were different. Your patiences in staying with this entire process is truly remarkable. I did not think the dramatic music track was a good selection. I probably would have gone with something more cheerful but that is just my personal opinion. I liked the constantly changing skies, and was glad that rain did not interrupt the shoot. All in all, a good job. I am left wondering how they finished the top floors of the building without a crane.
#3 rodrigo
Hi Dale, thank for your comments, well they are finishing the top using the sliding platform that you can see operating in the opening sequence, as all they need to insert are only cladding panels.
#4 AndyMc
Rather than using the insert, I would have been tempted to cut between the two at full screen to align the sequences. Not every time the crane was hoisted though or we'd get dizzy :-) The time differences would not be so noticeable. It may also have been possible to speed up the slower of the two to match up. A slower shutter speed too may have made the birds less of a nuisance.

Hey-ho, we all can be critics. A lot of commitment to stick with getting the shots in the first place - applause. Nice to see something a little different from the usual stuff.
#5 rodrigo
Thanks Andy, yeah the birds can be a nuisance.
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