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Downtown Saint Petersburg Florida July 5th 2018

#1 zjdoliver
I just started my adventure with time-lapse 1 month ago. I'm simply amazed with the possibilities so of course I had to get into "holy grail" time-lapse right away, doh! I must say it has been a challenge, after a dozen try's I ended up with this one below. I'm happy with the transition but since this is more or less a test the composition wasn't the best and I did not include motion, which I plan on doing soon now that I "feel" close to having a methodology to my madness :-)

Nikon D850
Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED
Promote Control Intervalometer
no filters (rain clouds helped so much in the daytime with this time-lapse)

Focal: 24mm
Fixed Aperture: 6.3 (start to end)
Interval: 5 seconds
Started at 7pm @ 1/13 shutter speed, 50 ISO
Ramp: 8:20 to 9:05, 250 ISO max, 4 second exposure max
Ended at 10pm


I have an question to the forum about how others handle the actual capturing of the images but this might be more of a Promote Control question. Maybe someone else uses it as well...
The above was only possible due to clouds which kept the exposure consistent but previously I was swapping out filters to adjust for exposure. Is this an OK method? For instance I have been trying to swap out 15 to 10 minutes from 6 stops to no filters as I got closer to sunset since the light changes much more dramatically.

Abisko 2018
2019-04-23, 12:32
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Dale Davis
2018-11-04, 21:28
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