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DSLR Dashboard not displaying 'next JPEG'

#1 Cameracraig
Out on location at the moment, and having an issue with the LRTimelapse function on DSLR Dashboard.  I have a TP-link connected to a 5D3 and everything set to manual.  In LV mode everything works fine, and I can control the camera from the app, and download and display JPEGs.  However once I switch to the LRTimelapse button, I can still control the camera, and fire the shutter, but the app won't display a jpeg for me to set reference values from.  What am I missing?  I've used it successfully before to shoot holy grails, and haven't changed any of the parameters.  Still have RAW + small jpeg etc.  Any help greatly appreciated. 


#2 Cameracraig
Update - I've downloaded the desktop version of QDSLR dashboard and that works fine. So why not in the app, is it a bug anyone else is experiencing?
#3 gwegner
Please contact the qDDB author on dslrdashboard.info with this problem, seems to be something technical.
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