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DSLRdashboard/LRTL sometimes just stops ramping

#1 Novelectro
Well the good news is I figured out why I couldn't click the aperture ramping button, but the bad news is that DSLRdashboard has been pretty unreliable for me.

AS an example, I did a holy grail sunset tonight and when the shutter speed ramped to 3 seconds, it just stopped ramping.  I had my settings at a max shutter speed of 6" and a max ISO of 1600 but for some reason it sort of froze at 3".  

When I picked up my phone to check the progress (it had been set down for 30 minutes or so), I saw that the the shutter speed was 3" and the cameras metering showed that the exposure was way too low.  The app still was showing that the number of frames was increasing, but no new jpeg images were being displayed.  It was still displaying a jpeg from earlier in the time lapse.

So I'm just wondering what might I be doing wrong? I'm using a Samsung s8 and it always connects to the camera.  My phone screen turns off after 15 minutes but I haven't gotten an indication that that would be an issue.  Any suggestions?  Phone settings?
#2 gwegner
Most likely the dark time in between shots got too short as the exposure time for longer, so that the camera could not transfer the images in that time. One common reason is the intervalometer blocking the camera for too long. See this faq:

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