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Editing Multiple Sequences

#1 skycamnz
I have been following the 'LRTimelapse 5 Pro – Speed up editing of multiple timelapse sequences' tutorial. I have 18 sequences inside a parent folder. I have batch initialised the parent folder, then added keyframes to each sequence, imported one of the sequences into Lightroom and clicked on 'show parent folder.' Then synchronised the parent folder. All the child folders now show inside the parent folder.

In the tutorial, the parent folder is showing the total number images contained in the child folders. By selecting the parent folder and using 'keyframes' as a filter, all the keyframes images in the child folders are then visible.

However, my Lightroom parent folder, while containing all the child folders with their keyframes, doesn't show any files, so I have no option with the parent folder to filter the keyframes. Only the child folders are showing they contain files. Can only assume I'm doing something wrong, but have followed the tutorial step by step and am not getting the same result.

Any thoughts appreciated.
#2 gwegner
In Lightroom on the right of the "Folders" label there is a small "+" sign with an arrow. Right click on it and activate "Show Photos in subfolders".
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#3 skycamnz
Gunter.... thank you so much! You have solved my problem. :-) It's so nice you take such a personal interest in those who are using your software.

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