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Error - MoveFile failer; code 183

#1 m.tadros
Hi there, I tried to upgrade from 4.7.5 to 4.7.6 and received the above mentioned error code (see attached screenshot)

[Image: Screenshot%202017-07-10%2011.50.04.png?dl=0]

1st tried with 4.7.5 still installed and then tried again after having uninstalled 4.7.5.  I get the same error message both times and now LRTimelapse will not work.

Can you help me please?
#2 gwegner
Sorry, I don't see a screenshot. Are you on Mac or pc? Where do you see that message?
If you are on mac: first thing should be to uninstall LRTimelapse using the uninstall script from the Installer archive. Then restart your computer. Try installing and launching again, normally this should get you going.
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